Oceanovation Festival

Who to Expect at OCEANOVATION Festival

A gathering of the brightest minds, innovators, and change-makers shaping the future of ocean industries. At OCEANOVATION Festival, expect to be surrounded by a diverse and dynamic community dedicated to advancing ocean innovation.

Innovative Startups on Showcase: Immerse yourself in the “Innovation Showcase,” featuring 80+ early-stage companies unveiling cutting-edge solutions. Explore the next wave of ocean tech advancements and connect with the entrepreneurs behind them.

Industry Leaders and Corporates: Network with influential figures from leading corporations, industry giants, and government bodies. Discover collaborative opportunities and witness how these leaders are contributing to a sustainable future for our oceans.

Passionate Individuals and Ocean Enthusiasts: Join fellow ocean enthusiasts, individuals with a passion for positive change, and those eager to contribute to the positive transformation of our oceans. Connect with like-minded peers who share a common goal.

Our Distinguished Speakers: Engage with inspiring founders, successful investors, and industry trailblazers. Gain valuable insights from thought leaders who are driving transformative change in the world of ocean technology.

Mentors and Experts: Dive deep into discussions with mentors and subject matter experts. Benefit from their guidance, expertise, and hands-on insights in focused mentoring sessions and interactive workshops.

Global Audience: Be part of a global community of innovators, investors, industry professionals, government representatives, and academia members. Experience the power of collaboration on a truly international scale.

Secure your spot now and get ready to meet, learn from, and be inspired by the incredible individuals who make OCEANOVATION Festival a truly exceptional experience.