Oceanovation Festival


We are grateful to have such fantastic group of companies and organisations supporting our OCEANOVATION Festival.



Aqua-Spark is the world’s largest blue economy fund investing exclusively in sustainable aquaculture. Through its investments across the global aquaculture value chain, Aqua-Spark enables the innovative and sustainable farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and algae (including seaweed) in ponds, lakes, rivers, the ocean, and in land-based tanks.

Aqua-Spark is building a portfolio of 50-60 mature companies that work synergistically to transform the aquaculture industry into one that is healthy, sustainable and affordable, while simultaneously providing competitive returns to its investors.

With nearly €500M assets-under-management, Aqua-Spark’s investor community spans 33 countries and is made up of a combination of 350 forward-looking institutional investors and family offices. Aqua-Spark also actively collaborates with an ecosystem of experts, scientists and industry leaders, all of whom share a vision for sustainable aquaculture as part of a robust future food system and healthy planet. 




The World Ocean Council (WOC) is an international alliance of ocean industry leaders focused on “Corporate Ocean Responsibility.” Created by and for the private sector, the WOC adopts a distinctive, multi-sectoral strategy to tackle broad issues related to sustainable ocean development, scientific research, and marine stewardship.

The WOC asserts that the efforts of a responsible and unified Ocean Business Community are crucial for maintaining a healthy, productive global ocean. This ensures its sustainable use, development, and stewardship by conscientious businesses involved in ocean industries.


The Hague is the city for entrepreneurs who want to build a better world. As ImpactCity, The Hague offers a wide range of opportunities and services to entrepreneurs and other impact makers with innovative solutions. We believe that economic success goes hand in hand with solutions for a better world. We call this “doing good & doing business” and encourage it in all kinds of ways with practical help: we open doors to investors and offer access to a comprehensive business network and provide a great infrastructure. But it doesn’t end there: inspiring company locations and startup hubs, international trade missions and competitions, assistance with settling and possibilities for financing are also provided. 

All vital elements to help impact makers on their mission and innovative entrepreneurs successfully start and scale their business and impact. The local and at the same time unique international network of The Hague connects NGOs, research centers, knowledge institutes, established companies, governments and many young and creative entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, resulting in a lively and leading impact ecosystem. To effectively address global challenges, public and private partnerships are formed on themes such as safety, humanitarian innovation, sustainability, renewable energy and food. The challenges as mentioned in the Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the United Nations, are the challenges we need to face to create a better future.




OceanLove is a global non-profit initiative that spreads love for the ocean by sharing the beauty, pleasure and opportunities the ocean can bring, aiming to combat the negativity and sense of helplessness towards the future of our precious blue planet. January 2024 marked the start of the first edition of the OceanLove Innovation Award, which challenges all creative minds worldwide, individuals or teams of all ages and backgrounds, to share their ideas for new products, campaigns or initiatives that can measurably contribute to conserving the ocean, seas, marine resources and ecosystems. 

The Award, which is endorsed by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, will support the best ideas with seed money, exposure to experts and investors and will award a prize of EUR 10,000 to the top winner every year. Oceanlove beleives in the immense power of synergy and partnership with people who share the same mission, which is why we are partnering with Oceannovation festival in order to join forces and together, touch the hearts of more people in all corvers of the world.



Sustainable Ocean Alliance
Ocean Exchange

Ocean Exchange is a global ecosystem whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions for healthy oceans and the sustainable blue economy. A nonprofit organization, Ocean Exchange fulfills this mission through a rigorous, multi-level program that includes annual monetary awards, promoting registered Solutions Inspiring Action across multiple communication channels, and facilitating access to the global network comprising its Board of Directors, Delegates, Solutions Review Team, Executive Team, and other experts from around the world.

Like Ocean Exchange, OCEANOVATION Festival seeks to maximize synergistic efforts in pursuit of spotlighting sustainable, transformative Blue Economy startups by providing an avenue where these groundbreaking solutions can present. Partnership between our two organizations helps achieve shared goals that focus on advancing the Blue Economy and sharing news of innovative solutions for healthy, sustainable oceans. With a diversified arsenal of resources, we hope to reach more solutions and ocean enthusiasts together.


Israel National Center of Blue Economy

The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy and Innovation is dedicated to addressing global challenges in the marine realm and leading Israel’s Blue Tech sector. The National Center’s vision is clear: to spearhead a tech-driven entrepreneurial community prioritizing environmental sustainability and economic growth. As a vital hub for Blue Tech start-ups, located in Haifa, the National Center provides essential support, fostering innovation and driving Israel’s prominence in this field.

Additionally, it invests in startups and provides assistance in raising capital to further propel their growth and success. Through strategic partnerships both locally and globally, the organization showcases Israeli tech and collaborate with governments, industries, investors, and academia to drive meaningful change. Established in 2022, the National Center embodies Israel’s commitment to sustainable ocean management, aligned with global efforts to safeguard oceanic resources. 


1000 Ocean Startups

The 1000 Ocean Startups coalition unites the global ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, competitions, matching platforms and venture capital and corporate venture capital firms supporting start-ups for ocean impact. The coalition counts 43 members of entrepreneur-supporting organizations who collectively hold $1.5 billion in assets under management and have supported over 350 ocean health start-ups. The coalition’s vision is to mainstream ocean impact innovation and bring the ecosystem to maturity. The main levers for this are through building cohesion among existing players, catalyzing new investment and diversifying the ecosystem. Collectively, the coalition has the mission to scale at least 1000 transformative startups by the end of the Ocean Decade to restore ocean health and achieve SDG14.

1000 Ocean Startups is delighted to recognize Oceanovation as a Community Initiative to help raise the sector’s profile, catalyze new investment and demonstrate how ocean innovators are delivering real world impact today and ready to scale.


Platform Zero
Platform Zero is an innovation ecosystem player with the goal to scale up sustainable innovations in the climate, energy, and maritime realm. They do this by connecting all relevant parties, including startups, scaleups, corporates, investors, knowledge institutes, and innovation hubs, on pertinent projects to make the industry as a whole more sustainable. Additionally, Platform Zero has an investment fund of €10 million to accelerate startups and scaleups with high potential climate technology. Their ecosystem comes together at one of their ‘Climate Campuses’ where community building is key. It includes office spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, and co-working areas.
They don’t want this to unfold solely as a local initiative because environmental challenges occur on a global scale. Therefore they aim to establish a global network of hubs in strategic cities to attract local startups and scaleups, as well as companies from around the world. Platform Zero is currently located in Portugal and Rotterdam.
Portugal was strategically chosen because the sustainable blue economy is developing here at an interesting pace. Blue innovation is a key focus for Platform Zero, establishing a solid foundation for a compelling collaboration with Oceanovation. Moreover, Oceanovation extends its reach beyond corporate connections, engaging investors, other innovation hubs, and importantly, startups and scale-ups. Platform Zero is eager to encounter the latest and most groundbreaking innovations in the blue economy. That makes the collaboration with Oceanovation so valuable.




Environment, Coastal & Offshore (ECO) Magazine is a quarterly print and digital publication giving voice to the stories and projects shaping the industry of applied marine science. ECO Magazine is excited to partner with OCEANOVATION to connect with those involved in the represented sectors where the disciplines of marine scientific research, environmental regulation, coastal mitigation, and offshore practices coalesce.



Join us for two transformative days filled with innovation, inspiration, and meaningful networking.

Be part of the movement shaping a sustainable future for our Ocean.


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