Oceanovation Festival


By taking part in OCEANOVATION Festival Programme, you will explore an array of content, from practical workshops, strategic industry spotlights, hands-on roundtable discussions, dynamic project pitches, and dialogues centered on finance and investment.

Our second edition is designed around aligning the primary drivers of innovation with net zero goals. Investors, founders, corporates, incubators, accelerators, and industry experts are invited to immerse themselves in two days of curated engagement, covering traditional industries and their shift to greener practices, as well as the power of nature-based solutions.

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Engage with global corporate leaders and industry experts to discuss innovative approaches toward greener goals during thought-provoking panels:

  • Shipping: Delve into the green tech revolution and how digitalisation and emerging technologies are reshaping the shipping industry towards sustainability.
  • Ports & Maritime: Explore Green Port initiatives and the latest technologies aimed at enhancing sustainability and minimizing environmental impact within port and maritime operations.
  • Ocean Energy: Gain insights into the latest advancements in ocean energy technologies and understand the innovative approaches driving growth in the ocean energy sector.
  • Ocean Data & AI: Understand the role of ocean data and artificial intelligence in facilitating informed decisions for sustainable practices and effective resource management in the blue economy.
  • Blue Tech: Get an overview of the latest trends and developments in blue technology, including discussions on diverse applications and potential impacts across various sectors.


The future of our oceans lies into the power of our communities and the resources we need to preserve. Join passionate and curated panels on the opportunities of sustainable nature-based solutions and their impact on traditional practices: 

  • Marine Restoration: Explore holistic approaches to ocean restoration, mitigating human impacts like pollution, overfishing, and climate change.
  • Blue Bio: Gain insights into blue biotechnology and its diverse applications across industries like pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and environmental remediation.
  • Regenerative Ocean Farming: Discuss cutting-edge practices and success stories in sustainable aquaculture.
  • Marine Pollution: Address cleanup efforts, prevention, and the economic viability of ocean cleaning initiatives.
  • Marine Dioxide Removal: Explore how the ocean’s size enables scaling up safe carbon dioxide removal solutions to address global challenges.


Profit and Planet go hand in hand. Investing in the Blue Economy means investing in smarter technologies and solutions to prevent ocean degradation caused by human activities and climate change. To unlock these solutions, strategic investment and financial support are crucial. Through industry-led discussions, we will explore how investors and corporations can anticipate and navigate these trends while ensuring a triple bottom line.

Traditional industries: 

  1. Investigate various avenues for investment, scrutinising promising ventures and innovative strategies that are driving the future of sustainable maritime projects. 
  2. Discuss the economic viability of green port initiatives and ocean energy ventures, potential returns on investment, and the role of public-private partnerships in driving sector growth. 
  3. Examine the investment landscape for ocean data ventures, including funding opportunities, financing models, and investment strategies.
  4. Explore the economic viability of ocean energy ventures, potential returns on investment, and the role of public-private partnerships in driving sector growth. 
  5. Gain insights into the financial considerations and investment strategies for supporting blue technology innovation.

Nature-based solutions: 

  1. Discuss the economic rationale behind investing in ocean conservation, along with innovative financing models like impact investing and blue bonds. 
  2. Explore the investment landscape for blue biotechnology ventures, including funding opportunities, financing models, and venture capital trends.
  3. Learn how supporting innovation in technologies and practices to combat marine pollution can give investors access to cutting-edge solutions and technologies that may offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  4. Explore innovative funding models that hold the key to scaling up marine carbon removal technologies.


Through insightful conversations, founders and project owners can delve into challenging aspects of their business models, pushing their thinking to maximise exposure to potential investors and partners.
The dialogues will be held by industry experts and have a limited numbers of seats:

  • Crafting your Ocean Story
  • Beyond the Pitch – What’s Your Value Proposition?
  • Acquiring the First Customers
  • Securing Funding – Think like an Investor!
  • Mastering Impactful Branding & Communication
  • IP Strategies to Grow your Ocean Business
  • Scaling Your Ocean Startup
  • Building Strategic Partnerships with Corporates

*The dialogues have a limited numbers of seats


The Deep Dive’ Roundtables offer a dynamic platform for exploring insights that go beyond the surface.
Guided by industry experts and thought leaders, these exclusive sessions are designed to delve into specific topics and key innovative trends within the blue economy. 

Engage directly with experts, exchange valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections:

  • Coral Reef Restoration
  • Tech-Driven & Sustainable Yachting
  • Upcycling & Repurposing Ocean Plastic Waste
  • And more! 

*The roundtables have a limited numbers of seats


“Pitch on the Beach” is making its triumphant return, and it’s a feature you won’t want to miss. Join us as over 80 trailblazing innovators take the stage to unveil their cutting-edge solutions aimed at tackling the pressing challenges facing our oceans.

From combating pollution to harnessing renewable energy, these pitches promise to immerse you in the forefront of technology that is transforming the blue world.

Witness firsthand the innovation and creativity driving positive change for our planet’s most vital ecosystems. Let’s come together to support these visionaries and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans.


As the  “Lead Partner” for the festival, Aqua-Spark will be spotlighting beacons of sustainability within the aquaculture sector, presenting exciting innovations and investment opportunities from around the world.

From aquaculture’s role in our food, alternative feed ingredients, aquaculture in Africa, trends in innovation, and consumer behavior, and Aquatech, you will get a dedicated platform to meet and engage with investors and industry experts devoted to a sustainable food chain.